The Mauritius Development Investment Trust Company Ltd (MDIT), incorporated in 1967, is the first approved Investment Trust in Mauritius and a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), authorised as a Closed-end Fund by the Financial Services Commission under the Securities Act 2005.

MDIT is also one of the first five companies to be listed on the Official List of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (SEM) on 29 June 1989, at the same time as MCB Group Holdings Ltd, formerly The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd, and Omnicane Ltd, formerly Mon Trésor and Mon Désert Ltd, which was MDIT’s main shareholder until 31 March 2010, and United Basalt Products Ltd (UBP). 

At 30 June 2018, MDIT had 4,847 shareholders, with Golden Foundation Ltd as a substantial shareholder. The board of MDIT is made up of non-executive and independent directors who have a vast experience in their respective fields of expertise and participate actively in the board and committee meetings. MDIT is managed by Golden Fund Management Services Ltd, formerly Omnicane Fund Management Services Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Golden Foundation Ltd.

MDIT’s objective is to secure for investors the benefits of a good dividend yield as well as long-term capital growth. Its portfolio of investments was, at 30 June 2018, well spread in 104 local companies covering all sectors of the Mauritian economy, with Official Market (OM), Development and Enterprise Market (DEM) and Unquoted shares accounting for 83% of the total portfolio value, and the balance 17% invested in diversified overseas securities.

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